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Iguanadon & T-Rex

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 5 Months 23 Days |

Two lovely little kittens that are adjusting to life inside. Iguanodon, a tabby, is the more trusting and adventurous of the two. He loves head scritches, food and being close to you. His sister, T. Rex (calico) is a bit more reserved. She takes some time to get used to you, but will generally follow her brother’s lead. She loves to play with wire toys and wands, which are helping her get more used to people. 

Both can purr quite loudly while being pet, and are now comfortably exploring the apartment. However, they are still getting used to the noises of apartment life, so they would probably do best in a quieter home, or one with fewer visitors to start, to help them gain full trust and confidence.


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