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Hopscotch, Marbles & Tag

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 12 Days | Female

Meet the Jungle Gym kittens!

Hopscotch is a beautiful solid gray girl who will climb into your lap for a snuggle and a nap any chance she gets, and she purrs like a freight train whenever she gets some chin scratches.

Tag is a sweet, super timid grey and white tabby girl. She is still a tiny bit wary of humans, and will need more buttering up and Churus until she’s convinced that humans are quite all right. She is warming up nicely to her foster family. If you sit her in your lap, and give her some snuggles and a Churu; she will settle in for a long, peaceful nap.

Marbles is a long-haired gray tabby girl. Se is still a little wary around people, but warming up quickly and once you start petting her, she is a purr machine. She’s super soft, and friendly, and almost always up for a Churu followed by some snuggles.

The kittens love to play together and with their humans. They enjoy lounging and snoozing after a good play session. They have perfect litter box habits and great table manners.

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