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Happy Feet

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 2 Months | Female

She’s sweet. She’s silly. She would like all the attention, please! Make way for Happy Feet, a delightfully affectionate sleek black cat with bright green eyes who loves to headbutt and be as involved in the action as possible. Although she has yet to learn how to sit in laps, we think that she will be the ultimate lap cat once she figures it out. This super special lady enjoys playful games like getting up on her hind legs to nuzzle your hand in the air, much like a seal bouncing a ball off its nose.

Happy Feet is not great with transitions and shuts down very quickly in new situations. Given patience and (not even that much) time, she will find her courage and soon become almost annoyingly clingy. Happy Feet would be thrilled to have a feline friend (even if they hiss at her) and she doesn’t mind dogs at all (even one that really didn’t like her). We think she would be overjoyed to live with polite young humans who want to give her constant attention.

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