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Hardhat & Steamroller

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 10 Months 6 Days |

Meet Hardhat and Steamroller -  the most wonderful siblings ever looking for their purrfect family! Steamroller is the big brother - both in physical appearance and bothering his little sister! He is extremely loving and friendly - will chirp and talk to you for hours! He loves to demand attention by putting his head under your hand and making you pet him and snuggles as close as he can get.  Melting hearts everywhere by being the floppiest boy ever - when you look at him he’ll flop over and show you his belly for some rubs!!

Hardhat is a sweet little girl who is practically velcro-ed to her people all the time! She is a huge helper - whether you’re reading a book or potting some plants, she’ll be there to supervise. She was a bit more shy but is coming out of her shell so much, especially with the help of her silly brother. She loves to snuggle and a cozy blanket is one of her top favorite things! You can find them cuddling in a sunbeam together or on your lap while you watch tv. 

They both love toys (mainly shoelaces) and have perfect litter box habits and are excellent at mealtime. Their cuddles are seriously some of the best things in the world - they’re already little pros! They truly are such joyful and incredible cats and will make any home full of love with their presence!


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