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Ren Goku

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 9 Months 12 Days | Female

Ren, is a delightful 6 month old girl who revels in the joy of belly rubs, readily accepting your gentle strokes and head scratches. After gaining your attention, she will promptly roll onto her back, inviting you to rub her soft belly. One round is seldom enough for Ren; she'll gracefully follow you, begging for more pets. 

Ren finds comfort in cuddling with her littermates and engaging in the occasional playful scuffle. However, when her brother's play becomes a bit too wild, she will walk away and follow her foster parent, seeking solace in calmer spaces. 

Ren's sweet demeanor and playful spirit make her a wonderful addition to any loving home.

This cat needs to be adopted with an age-appropriate friend -- applications for them as a single kitten will not be answered. Taki, Ren Goku's littermate is also available for adoption!

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