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Supreme Sutter

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 8 Days | Female

This silly, smart, demonstrative kitty is very easy to love! Supreme Sutter is a true purr machine who loves chasing her rainbow wand, snoozing on the fluffy duvet, watching birds on cat TV, and gobbling up Trader Joe’s treats. She is an eight-month-old kitten whose very favorite hobbies are sleeping and hiding under her foster’s ottoman—she thinks you can’t see her under there, getting ready to pounce on a feather or string! Her antics, energy, and sweetness will make you laugh.

The laser pointer is a particular joy for Supreme Sutter, as she is keen to bound from couch to floor to chair (as long as there’s a treat at the end). She was found by her rescuer digging through a trash heap in Brooklyn, and we believe she once belonged to someone but was abandoned; she is used to humans and quick to cozy up to new people. Within the first day of being fostered, Supreme was looking for pets and scritches—and she only hides under the bed very briefly before venturing out to say hi to new human friends! 

Supreme is very happy to be off the streets and in a home—she rolls on her back and is super trusting, showing off her belly. She especially appreciates head pats and upper-back rubs; just take care to notice when her tail is swishing and she’s over-stimulated. Supreme is a vocal sweetheart who will rub against your ankles all day long, and she may follow you from room to room until she’s ready to settle down for her daily naps. 

This cat needs to be adopted with a friend -- applications for them as a single cat will not be answered.


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