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Loaf & Slacker

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 8 Days | Male

Loaf and Slacker are two of the silliest, sweetest, and most scrumptious kittens you'll ever meet. They were found along with their mom and sister in a basement, and were understandably wary of humans. Now that they've had time to meet people they can trust, the only thing these two boys love more than spending time with their foster is spending time with eachother. Loaf and Slacker are brothers and best friends. They're always up for a wrestling match, and once they've worn eachother out they like to snuggle up in bed together. Out of the two of them, Loaf is the cuddler. He's quick to find a lap to sit on, and will often choose cuddles over playtime. Slacker is a busy boy who's always on the move - once he sets his sights on a toy nothing can get in his way. He loves to be pet, but toys are his #1. Slacker employs a cute little meow when he asks for food or attention, and he loves when people chat with him. Loaf doesn't meow much, but when he gets really excited about a toy or meal he'll make an adorable grumbling sound that he probably thinks is very threatening. (It's not.) They are so, so funny together and will bring so much love into your home! Loaf are Slacker are a bonded pair, so applications for them separately will not be considered. They love each other and want to stay together forever!

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