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Loaf & Slacker

Domestic Short Hair | 11 Months 7 Days | Male

Loaf and Slacker are the perfect examples of sweet and goofy kittens. These two brothers spent some time in the cat cafe’s kitten terrarium, and moved to foster homes once they were big enough. They are a super affectionate and playful pair.

Loaf is the brown tabby. He has a slightly squished face, and big eyes. He loves to play, especially with wand toys. He makes sure his toys know he is an intense hunter by growling and sometimes even hissing at them. When he’s not playing, he is taking a nap either in a window or a bathroom sink. He’s very sweet and loves to snuggle up next to his fosters while they watch TV.

Slacker is the brown and white tabby. He is more vocal than his brother, and likes to squeak little meows to you throughout the day. He is exceptionally cuddly, and loves to nestle into the crook of your arm or even directly into your armpit. If he sees you petting his brother he’s sure to run up and flop over with his belly in the air, to make sure you don’t forget to pet him too.

Loaf and Slacker are a bonded pair. They love each other very much, and are often found cuddling together. They are very gentle cats, and would likely do well with children.


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