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Little Jack & Lae'zel

Domestic Medium Hair | 10 Months 15 Days |

Little Jack and Lae'zel are an adorable and silly bonded pair. While they were not litter mates, they're a chosen family and complement each other so well. 

Lae'zel is a black and white tuxedo with ever-growing fluff. Her fur was cut due to being covered in grease when she was found in an autoshop, but she is becoming fluffier by the day. She is a silly and playful kitty, often rolling around and purring when treats or toys are presented. She prefers to catch toys from the comfort of her cat tree, and loves lounging in the clear bowl (pictured). She will always run up to the food bowl during feeding time and finish every last bite, encouraging Little Jack to join her. 

Little Jack is a brown tabby cat with big precious eyes. He can be on the shyer side, but he has made incredible strides to trusting us in the short time he’s been with us. He is a fierce and impressive player. He may take a little longer to build the confidence to approach you, but he would love to play all day long. 

While Little Jack and Lae'zel are different, they are both obsessed with Churu, catnip treats, and playing with feather toys.  


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