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Domestic Short Hair | 9 Months 27 Days | Female

Mystique is a very active, curious and fearless little cat! She wears a standard tuxedo — you can even see the opening across her belly — and two white socks, which is really cute! She fears nothing, not even when six strangers walk in the room and start to pet her. She likes to be around people enjoys petting sessions on her own terms. Mystique loves to play. She loves all kinds toys and her favorite right now is the laser pen. Someties when she is too excited about playtime, there’s sometimes some teeth and claws involved but she never really means to bite. She can be re-directed if you throw another toy at her. Mystique also retrieves her toy mouse like a golden retriever! She plays fetch - a unique trick for a cat:)

If an active, fearless cat is your thing, Mystique is your girl! This cat can be adopted with a friend or as a single cat.

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