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Palutena & Sumo

Domestic Long Hair | 8 Months 7 Days | Male

The story of Sumo & Palutena is a beautiful tale of love, heartbreak, and finding forever friends. Sweet Sumo was originally bonded with his sister, Karate, who unfortunately passed away at a young age, leaving poor Sumo alone. Palutena was abandoned in an apartment complex, and was found with a collar choking her. She loves other cats, but didn't have a friend at the cafe until she met Sumo, who she bonded with instantly. These two cuddle, play, and sleep together. Palutena makes the cutest little chirps when she's looking for him, and he finds comfort in her bravery and rambunctious nature. 

Palutena is the calico, and she is around 1 year old. She has a bit of a spicy side, especially if you touch her neck (due to the aforementioned collar trauma). However, she loves back scritches, and is working towards accepting being touched near her neck. She knows her boundaries and will confidently set them when needed, but even when she's done being pet, she loves being around her people. She will curl up in your lap or next to you and snooze the day away. As mentioned above, her meow is really something to behold and she is a very chatty girl. 

Sumo is the long-haired brown tabby, and he is about 7 months old. Sumo is a typical kitten with typical kitten energy. He loves to play, but is equally content to snooze all day next to his pal. He prefers to be pet rather than picked up, because he always has important places to be!

Although a somewhat unlikely pair, these two really do bring out the best in one another, and it's clear they love each other very much. 

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