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Cal & Mike

Domestic Short Hair | 7 Months 30 Days | Male

These two cuties traveled all the way from sunny California to try their paws at finding a forever home in the Big Apple. They started out a bit shy but quickly learned the joys of ear rubs and treats in their foster home. Cal is a handsome tuxedo gentleman with faint tabby stripes on his legs (a rare black tabby!). He used to be the hissy one and now he flops over for snuggles and head butts. He loves exploring the apartment and making adorable kitty sounds. Mike is just purrfect with his white fur, orange tabby tail and ears and crystal blue eyes. He’s a bit more reserved but loves some chin scritches and even rolls over for a quick tummy rub. He sometimes gets a little jealous when Cal is getting cuddles, so he swings over to join in the pets. They have come so far in just a few weeks, and they will only get more comfortable when they find a permanent home.


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