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Alfalfa & Fiona

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 23 Days |

Alfalfa and Fiona are playful, curious and energetic 4 month old kittens. They are shy at first but have been coming out of their shell over the first week of fostering. They love to spend time together, whether it’s zoomies, play fighting or cuddling up together. While it’s not confirmed that they are siblings, they certainly act like it and are best friends, at least. They both would benefit from patient adopters who are willing to give them the time to feel safe, but it’s clear to me that just a week of patience is paying off in terms of their comfort and familiarity already. 

Alfalfa is the boy, and he is white and black. Fiona is the girl, and she is mostly white with some brown tabby spots. 


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