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Loudest Lott & Marvin the Martian

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 0 Months | Male

Loudest Lot (tabby) and Marvin the Martian (black) are such a quirky duo. Loudest Lott is the sweetest and gentlest little guy. He has come such a long way from running away from the slightest approach, he now runs up to sit and cuddle. He can be independent and you might find him in a random corner cuddled up napping. But he does also love cuddling with his brother Marvin. Marvin the Martian has quite the personality as well. He is super curious and you’ll see him exploring everything. He loves sitting on high places, and will chase any moving light or follow unknown sounds. He’s also a chatty kitten, he’ll periodically make the cutest sounds and meows. The two of them are calm and friendly kittens that are so easy to take care of!

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