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Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 2 Years 1 Month | Male

Meet Melmoth, the charming 2 year old tuxedo cat! This dapper young fellow, rescued from the streets of Bed-Stuy, is on a mission to find his purr-fect forever home.

Melmoth is not just a cat; he's a feline connoisseur of affection! He'll steal your heart by rubbing against your legs and sitting on your feet. However, like any true diva, he appreciates having his own space and will let you know when he needs his own space. 

He may not be a lap cat yet but he's always up for playtime! He loves chasing wand toys and wrestling with toy mice and plushies. He's also super easy to get into a carrier, voluntarily walking in on his own! 

Because he gets overstimulated at times, he would do best in a home with an adult(s) that knows how to read a cat's body language. 

Melmoth enjoys alternating between gazing out the window and cozying up on the softest surfaces. Melmoth is a one-cat show and would thrive as the star of your household. He's ready to be the king of his castle and the sole recipient of all your love.

Ready to welcome Melmoth into your heart and home? Get ready for a lifetime of delightful moments with this charming tuxedo gentleman!

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