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A boy called Melmoth

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 2 Years 6 Months | Male

This playful boy is ready for his forever home! When found on the streets of Brooklyn he came up to rub on his rescuer’s legs and hopped right in the carrier. Though a bit aloof when he was first taken home, Melmoth has made amazing strides in trust and sociability since he has been in foster care. He is very food and treat motivated and can be eased into new relationships and ways of interacting with liberal bribery.

Melmoth can be particular about how he is touched by new people, but he’s happy to show affection on his own terms. He’s not shy or timid and will definitely let you know when he doesn’t want you in his space. But once he warms up, he enjoys pets and cuddles and may even tolerate being picked up by those he really trusts.

He is an industrious biscuit-maker and has an adorable habit of kneading with all four paws at once when he's feeling happy and comfortable on a pile of soft blankets. If you can contrive to be lying under a blanket near him when the biscuit mood strikes, he gives an excellent back massage!

Melmoth is an energetic cat who is always up for playtime. He loves chasing wand toys, wrestling with toy mice and plushies, and gazing out the window to watch for birds. He often wants to be wherever other people are and would thrive in a home where he can have free rein in a large space when he gets the zoomies.

It takes some time for Melmoth to adjust to other cats, but he’s open to making friends if you introduce them slowly.

Because he gets overstimulated at times, he would do best in a home with an adult(s) that knows how to read a cat's body language.

This cat can be adopted as a single cat or with a calm companion.


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