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Judo & Jerry

Domestic Medium Hair | 5 Months 25 Days | Male

Jerry and Judo are an adorable pair. Judo is fluffy and gray, with a huge fluffy tail, and Jerry is a smooth and soft black cat with big green eyes that love to watch to see what you're up to. Judo is a bit braver right off the bat, immediately coming up for scritches and cuddles. Jerry is a bit more reserved, and waits to see how Judo does with the attention first. Once you gain his trust, Jerry will show you how much of a cuddler he is. He will never refused a belly rub or nap in your lap. 

These two are full of curious, playful kitten energy. They love chasing each other around and watching birds on TV. They also can't help themselves from chasing a string or stuffed mouse. They can often be found grooming each other and napping side by side. 

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