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Yaoji & Fuxi

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 6 Days | Female

Yaoji and Fuxi are bundles of playful joy. They love to play more than anything - hide and seek, jumping, chasing…. Yaoji (more white) is the braver and more adventurous of the sisters. Cheeky and inquisitive, she loves kisses too. Fuxi is shy and a little jumpy - she loves to know where her sister is at all times and if she can’t find her will do the cutest little meows till she does. And she has whiskers to die for. 

They love people and like to hang out near people even when sleeping. They also love to eat, and though little, they have very healthy appetites - which helps with all the energy they need for playing. Yaoji is especially good with children and will happily be carried like a baby. 

These adorable kittens will suit anyone who likes to play and snuggle!

Please note that these kittens are not yet spayed/neutered,


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