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Mario & Luigi

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 25 Days | Male

Mario & Luigi are ready to jump their way from foster into their furever home. These tuxedo boys will power up your home with love and silly shenanigans. Mario (more black) is the charismatic, go getter who is obsessed with treats (especially Churus), bird watching, toy hunting and tongue bleps. Luigi, like his namesake, is a little more cautious but once he hears an open can of food, he’s there eagerly awaiting for it. 

Both boys are obsessed with chasing the pew pew laser toy as if they were in a kart race. But really, they are obsessed with each other and love to play and nap cheek to cheek, bum to bum or in ying yang. Because they were rescued as slightly older kittens, they required a little extra socialization. But they are coming out of their shell more every day in foster and love pets and scritches and are well on their way to becoming cuddle bugs. 


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