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Pitkin Pie Moore

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 10 Months | Male

This snuggly guy naps all day but around 9pm has a big burst of energy. He loves looking out windows, snuggling and head scratches. He is whiny about food. You will think you’re under feeding him but it’s his master acting skills. He loves to chat in the morning and any time you go in the kitchen but generally spends all day just purring. Strings and ribbons are his favorite toy and that also includes your sneakers. He love napping on you, near you, just slightly touching you. He really only climbs on things when demanding treats but he’s generally uneasy of being higher than hip height. Couches and window sills are as high as he will climb. He is generally snuggly and well behaved but his witching hour around turns him into a ball of energy that we have found is best burned with ribbons or balls for him to chase.

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