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Domestic Short Hair / Mixed | 6 Years 5 Months | Female

Delulu is a good natured rapscallion with a suitably adorable wild-eyed look. She enjoys playing with lure toys and will walk off them once they are defeated. She must have good vision because she also enjoys watching her foster’s mouse cursor on screen and will eagerly watch basically any video or motion on screen. It is very amusing to see what catches her eye (John Oliver’s hands are a real hit). 

As she has settled in she has gone from wanting lots of cuddling and pets to mostly wanting playtime and undisturbed naps. She can be a bit surprising because she switches quickly from purring and accepting pets to slapping. This is easily redirected to a toy and doesn’t leave a mark, especially with her nails trimmed. Likewise she loves to sleep in bed right next to her human -- but hands off or you most likely get slapped. She does like to sit on her human’s lap (especially to get a good look at the computer screen) and is okay to be picked up briefly.

Delulu eats Friskies Shreds Ocean Whitefish and Tuna and enjoys Temptations treats. She is a bit shy around strangers but warms up quickly with some playtime. She is not a powerful cat so it is easy to trim her nails or get her in the carrier, though she will deploy a devastating whimper. Otherwise Delulu doesn’t seem to meow but makes little trills especially while she plays. Though she enjoys daily playtime she also sleeps much of the time, so she is very manageable to take care of.

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.

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