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Ethel & Lucy

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | 1 Year 2 Months | Female

Ethel & Lucy were rescued from the streets of the Bronx at 4-5 months old. 

The girls would be best with an experienced cat parent since they have slightly quirky personalities. 

Ethel (the dilute calico) is the dominant sister. She is very friendly, active, curious, and playful. She likes to sleep on the bed with her human and LOVES food. Ethel is not a typical “cuddle” cat and she’s not keen on being picked up for more than a few seconds, though she is happy to sit or sleep by your head and get lots of pets and bum scritches. Ethel is not shy about letting you know when she wants to play – an adorable whine and a toy dropped at your feet will let you know it’s time to play fetch. 

Lucy (the regular calico), is the smaller, more shy sister. Originally very fearful, she has made great leaps and bounds in the past few months. Lucy is more aloof and is more interested in being pet when she feels like it. Lucy is most interested in getting loved on while her human is a captive audience. Lucy is also not a cuddle cat and can still be a bit skittish – but that just adds to her endearing personality and she will most certainly take her place at the foot of the bed at bedtime. Lucy’s favorite toys to play with are plastic utensils – spoons are her favorite. 

The girls have shown to take very well to some cats (adult male) and less well to others (adult female). They have no experience with dogs or children.

The girls may take a while to warm up but with enough patience and understanding they are destined to be the loveliest house cats.  Will you be the one to provide the girls with the loving home they deserve?

Lucy & Ethel are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. 


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