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Lazy Bones & Drowsy

Domestic Short Hair (short coat) | | Female

This mother daughter duo is looking for a calm and loving home where they can cuddle on cosy blankets, play with catnip toys, and chat with eachother. They are hilarious, adorable, and loving ladies who will take their time to get to know you. They have high standards, but the right adopter will surely meet them.

Momma Lazy Bones was found with her three kittens in a dark and dirty basement, and while we don't know exactly what they went through, it's clear they have some distrust of humans. Lazy Bones takes time to get to know people, but once she settles down in a new environment and learns to trust you, you'll have gained a forever friend. She'll headbutt your hand to ask for pets, show her belly (which she loves to have rubbed!), and look at you lovingly with her adorably cross-eyed expression.

Drowsy is even more critical than her mother. She is wary of people, but is it possible to get on her good side! She might never be the kind of cat who will come and sit on your lap, but she does enjoy being pet and loves to be in the same room as her favorite people.

Lazy Bones and Drowsy are two of the most adorably quirky cats and will bring so much joy to their forever home! They must be adopted together, and applications for only one of them will not be considered. We want to keep this mother and daughter together forever!

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