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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 11 Months | Male

Sailor is the most affectionate cat that I’ve ever met. He loves snuggling, head butting, and his purr motor starts to instantly run as he cuddles with you. He loves to sit on your lap and sleep next to you. He is also extremely gentle, never scratches or bites. He is very easy to handle–even with things like tooth brushing and nail clipping. He also gets along with other cats very well and is very gentle towards them as well. Sailor can get a bit overwhelmed with too many people around. He tends to be shy in that sense. However, with his caretakers, he has the most love and affection to share!!  

This cat can be adopted with a friend or as a single cat.

This cat has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and would benefit from an echocardiogram -- we would appreciate it if their potential adopter could help us cover this cost in lieu of an adoption donation.

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