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Farofa & Picanha

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 3 Days |

Farofa is a delightful tiny, short hair, tortie calico mix girl. Despite her petite size, Farofa is independent yet very sweet. She enjoys her solo playtime, becoming fully engaged with her favorite toys. When she is tired, she will happily curl up in your lap for endless cuddles. Farofa is a perfect balance of sass and sweetness, making her a wonderful companion.

Picanha is an adorable, super fluffy, white and black boy. This energetic little guy absolutely adores snacking and playing. He is always full of life and looking for new adventures but when he gets sleepy, will melt into your arms and snooze happily, clearly dreaming about catnip and mouse toys. Picanha is sure to bring endless joy and excitement to his forever home.

They are all very gentle kittens, love being held, and get along well with other cats and humans.

Please note that they may not yet be spayed/neutered.

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