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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 0 Months | Female

Martin is a shy girl who needs someone to help bring her out of her shell. She enjoys pets once she gets to know you and realizes you are to be trusted, but an adopter will need to build up to this point. She has the most adorable little walk, and likes to prance around the room. 

This cat has a mild case of Cerebellar Hypoplasia,  is a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed. Affectionately known as a Wobbly Cat, this disorder is not progressive or contagious, and doesn’t cause any serious health problems – she just has a distinctive, quirky (and honestly very cute) way of walking around. She sometimes trips over her own feet, but she gets right back up and keeps going! The Internet loves wobbly cats, so she has real viral video potential -- and we have lots of resources to help you get her setup successfully.

This cat needs to be adopted with a friend -- applications for them as a single cat will not be answered.

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