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Carrot Carmichael

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Years 1 Month | Male

Meet Carrot, the charming and handsome orange feline! Carrot is gentle, low-maintenance, and a true joy to be around. He loves scritches on his head and rear end, purring contentedly and leaning into your pets to show his appreciation.

Carrot's playful side shines when he's pouncing on his favorite catnip mouse toys. And the quickest way to his heart? Through food! At mealtime, you'll find him patiently standing next to you, eagerly awaiting his meal. His favorite treat is Churu, which he happily accepts from your fingers while soaking up your affection.

Carrot is not a needy cat and he knows how to entertain himself by sunbathing and enjoying peaceful beauty naps when you are busy. He would prefer to be the only cat in his new home, where he can be the center of attention.

Carrot might be a bit reserved in a new environment, so he'll need some time to adjust. A patient adopter who can provide encouragement will help him settle into his permanent home. Carrot doesn’t ask for much; he quietly yearns for affection and patiently waits for his forever person.

If you’re looking for a gentle, loving companion who enjoys both playtime and quiet moments, Carrot is the perfect match for you!

Check out how much Carrot loves scritches here:

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