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Carrot Carmichael

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Years 6 Months | Male

Carrot was rescued from a colony of 50+ cats in the winter. He likely spent a considerable time outdoors and forgot that humans could be kind. Initially shy, he began to trust humans under the care of his foster.

Mouse toys are Carrot's favorite. He reveals his playful side by pouncing on catnip mouse toys. The key to Carrot's heart is through food. At mealtime, he stands patiently next to you, eagerly awaiting his food. His favorite treat is Churu, and he happily accepts it from your fingers while enjoying pets.

Carrot is still a bit skittish, but he is gradually making progress and evolving into a very affectionate cat. He adores scritches on his head and rear end.

Carrot would prefer to be the sole cat in his new home. He will need time to adjust to his permanent home and a patient adopter to provide encouragement. Carrot doesn't require much; he quietly yearns for affection after his long journey and simply needs a little encouragement.

Check out how much Carrot loves scritches here:

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