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Oswald Cobblepot & Edward Nygma

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 16 Days | Male

    Did you watch Jurassic Park and think, ‘I’d really like my own T-Rex?’ And did you also think, ‘I’d like the gorgeous movie star to go along with him?’ Then look no further. These are your dream cats. Oswald was born with deformed front legs and walks mostly on his hind legs. His pal, Edward, is the handsome-est cat ever. Together, they are a truly delightful pair.

    Oswald may have been born with a physical disability, but he doesn’t let it stop him and gets around just fine. He can do most things a kitten can do, except jump up onto your counters and get into things you don’t want him to get into anyway. He plays and wrestles with his buddy and uses a scratcher (it’s freaking adorable to watch him try to scratch). His appetite is unparalleled. Usually, he tries to eat Edward’s food too. When he’s eager to get somewhere fast, he’ll half hop his way there, making a thumping sound as he goes. And if he wants something he can’t get himself (like access to your lap), he’ll let you know by meowing loudly. He does love to be held and have his belly petted.

    Edward is a truly attractive kitten. He has lovely markings, very fuzzy fur, and a luxuriously long tail. Fortunately, he has a personality to match. He purrs if you look at him for more than two seconds, loves to be petted and picked up, and will cuddle up next to you while you’re watching TV or sleeping. You will never nap alone again. He is also, remarkably, the least trouble-making kitten this foster has ever met. It’s almost like having a grown-up cat–except for the extreme cuteness. Additionally, he makes very cute sounds. Mostly, he trills and chirps and when he meows, it’s so high-pitched that only dogs can hear him. 

    These two would do just fine in a family. They adjust well to strangers and make human friends quickly. A home with no stairs would be best for Oswald, although as he gets bigger he’ll likely be able to hop up onto the occasional step. Also, be prepared to scoop the litter box frequently for him. He kinda has to face-plant into the litter to keep balanced.


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