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Domestic Short Hair | 6 Years 4 Months | Male

Taffy may look like a big grumpy boy, but he is truly a sweet and cuddly gentleman. From the first moment, he was calm and unruffled by being moved into a completely new place and within a couple days, he was exploring and purring happily from ear scratches. Taffy isn’t an in-your-face affectionate cat, but he loves being approached for pets and tolerates being picked up to cuddle. He can often be found napping in his favorite cardboard box or roaming around searching for his next snack.

Taffy gets a little nervous around sudden movements and has bursts of crazy orange cat energy, but is an overall very easy going cat. He is very food motivated and a messy eater, but clean with people’s belongings. He doesn’t need a lot of attention, but is a very sweet and affectionate companion. Toffy has been living as an only cat with no children or other pets, so it is unclear if he would get along with others. He would love a home with a good scratching post, lots of food, and someone to occasionally clean out his eye gunk and nap on the couch with!

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.
This cat is FIV+ and will live a normal healthy and long life when provided with quality care such as a balanced diet and yearly wellness exams (like any cat). As FIV+ is not transmittable between neutered/spayed cats under normal circumstances, we are happy for FIV+ cats to mingle with FIV- cats in their adoptive homes.
Taffy was rescued with dental issues and had dental surgery. In lieu of an adoption fee, we would be thrilled for a potential adopter to provide a larger adoption donation and/or assistance crowdsourcing funds towards their necessary vet bills if possible.

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