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Damask & Siobahn

Domestic Short Hair | 5 Months 19 Days | Male

These boys are just the sweetest, most excellent kittens. They’re all quick to purr, like to cuddle, and are such goofballs when they play. 

Siobhan, the tuxedo, is a little smaller than the others but feisty. He is just as likely to pounce on his brother from above as it is to be pounced upon, and has no problem using his voice when wrestling to let everyone know when he’s involved in a tussle. He likes to nap on pillows, blankets, or directly on top of his brother, and is a big fan of little rattling mouse toys. 

Damask (tabby) is the chattiest of the bunch. He’ll greet his foster mom in the morning, let her know it’s immediately time to eat, and also that he wants attention. He loves to wind his way around feet, and when he wants to climb into your lap to cuddle he will absolutely get his way. His purr is constant and he loves to romp around with his brothers when it's time to play. 

Please note that these kittens may not yet be spayed/neutered.

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