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Curly Chester

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Months 23 Days | Female

Curly is at the tail end of her kitten months. She's most recognizable by the small kink in her tail that gives it a Pikachu-like zig-zag. It's entirely cosmetic and gives her a bushier tail than other cats. It definitely doesn't affect her balance as she zooms after toys, and she's just as fast as the cats she chases and gets chased by. She loves cats just as much as she loves humans, and is very polite with both. She has gentle nibbles and inexhaustible curiosity, and she very readily sleeps in bed with humans. She plays fetch and really is as close to a puppy as a cat can be.

Curly is easygoing and simple to care for. Humans can pick her up and cradle her like a baby or perch her on their shoulders. She's not picky or aggressive over food at all and doesn't threaten cats who are territorial at meal time. She plays well with cats, and having another cat pal or two around has occupied her time that she would have spent squeezing into cabinets and around sewing machines.

And, Curly has the cutest little meows! During street transportation and bathroom quarantine, she'll churn out meows like a factory, but thankfully they're fairly rare when introduced to her new home. Maybe she'd be a good fit for yours?

This cat needs to be adopted with an age-appropriate friend -- applications for them as a single kitten will not be answered.

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