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Oberon & Ileum

Domestic Short Hair | 6 Months 16 Days |

Meet Ileum and Oberon, the dynamic duo of feline charm and resilience!


A guileless kitten, with a blue gray coat as soft as a cloud and gorgeous light brown eyes that sparkle with curiosity, Ileum is the epitome of charm. This gray bundle of joy is not just another kitten; she's a human lover with a big heart. Illeum's immediately open and trusting nature makes her easy to fall for. Whether it's cuddle time or playtime, she's always up for it, her gentle demeanor and affectionate purrs melting hearts wherever she goes. She uses his paws to be affectionate too, but never her claws, she’s a very polite girl! Ileum has a personality, according to my husband, who is definitely not a cat guy, and has really grown attached to her in a short time. She sleeps curled up next to him every night. She has a tiny white tip at the end of his tail, and a white patch on her belly, which she loves having scratched. She pretty much won’t ever turn down any human attention, which makes her a great match for kids.


In the shadows of his sleek black fur lies a heart brimming with courage and playfulness. Meet Oberon, the resilient one-paw wonder. Despite his initial shyness, Oberon's spirit shines through in his zest for life. His playful antics and boundless energy defy any limitations his physical condition might suggest. Oberon is proof that determination knows no bounds. Whether he's chasing toys or cuddled up with his brother, his indomitable spirit is an inspiration to all who meet him.

Together, Ileum and Oberon form a feline friendship of chirpy chit chat (they talk to each other, and will talk to you too), and they are good housemates, generally not too mischievous, take care of themselves and keep their cat litter in its box where it belongs. Oberon has a bigger appetite and is a faster eater than dainty Ileum, so we feed them apart so that Ileum gets to eat enough.

Please note that they may not yet be spayed/neutered.

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