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Pumpkin Dooby

Domestic Short Hair | 10 Years 1 Month | Male

Say hi to Pumpkin Dooby! This boy was a stray living in a yard, but it's clear he is no stranger to indoor life. At 10 years, he’s quiet, gentle, and independent, but he’s also quick to trust and is friendly around new people. When that happens you can guarantee he’ll follow you around and even cuddle next to you at bedtime! He’s usually lazy and lounging, but a ping pong ball, or quick flick of a cat wand is a surefire way to ignite his energy. But whether he’s relaxed or on alert, he’s never said no to back scratches and cheek rubs, and absolutely adores the cat brush. His affection is unmatched and would be a perfect fit for your home!

Some Notes:

  • Likes wand toy, churu

  • Enjoys pets/scritches/combing (especially his cheeks)

  • Docile and never aggressive

  • Very affectionate

  • On his first day in foster, he already was pretty open to pets, happy to meet new friends

  • Eats only wet food

  • 16lb

This cat can be adopted as a single or with a calm companion.

Pumpkin Dooby was rescued with dental issues and needs dental surgery. In lieu of an adoption fee, we would be thrilled for a potential adopter to provide a larger adoption donation and/or assistance crowdsourcing funds towards their necessary vet bills if possible.

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