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Stuart & Uniform

Domestic Short Hair | | Male

Meet Stuart and Uniform, a dynamic duo ready to steal your heart and fill your home with joy! At first, these two may seem a tad reserved, but give them a chance, and you'll uncover their true colors – playful, energetic, and endlessly curious. Their bond is undeniable, as they often snuggle up together, finding comfort and companionship in each other's company. 

Stuart (7 month old brown tabby), with his endearing one-eyed gaze, has an irresistible forlorn expression. Despite his visual impairment, he adores head scratches and rewards your kindness with a hearty, rumbling purr that can melt away any worries. Meanwhile, Uniform (5 month old black and white) is the epitome of agility and excitement, showcasing his acrobatic prowess with every leap and twist while chasing his beloved cat dancer. Together, Stuart and Uniform promise endless entertainment, cuddles, and love for the lucky family who welcomes them into their home.


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