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Domestic Short Hair | 10 Years 4 Months | Female

Come meet Hazel, the perfect New York roommate. This distinguished lady has seen the world and knows what she likes (as any well-lived lady does!). She likes to hang out with you - her favorite spots are the plushy blanket on the bed or in the pocket between two pillows on the sofa - but she's willing to focus on her own scheduled tasks (mostly napping) to give you space to do your own activities. Her ideal spot is sitting nearby for pets and snuggles when she decides it's time. She’s always up for a conversation (or petting session) but also happy to give you alone time to use the bathroom - usually a full five minutes before she gets up to check on you. A gorgeous kitty with deep green and yellow eyes (one of each color) and soft black and white fur, she would have been a favorite of Rueben’s for his classical paintings. Hazel doesn't love to be lifted or held unless she allows it, but loves pets when she's in the mood. 

Hazel needs to be on a wet food diet only eating a special prescription dry food as she has a history of bladder stones if she eats regular dry food (and she loves her dry food). Other than this food restriction she is a very healthy young kitty who is looking forward to finding her forever family. 

This cat can be adopted as a single cat or with a calm companion.

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