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Gyoza & Mini Flurry

Domestic Short Hair / Mixed | 9 Months 26 Days | Female

Gyoza (tuxedo) was rescued from inside a car engine. Initially, we were not sure if he could survive, but Gyoza defied all the odds and is now a happy kitten. He has a neurological issue that causes him to walk a little wobbly, but it adds to his character. Other than being a little uncoordinated at times, Gyoza is in perfect health. He uses the litter box like a pro and has no problem jumping onto the bed to snuggle with you.

Gyoza’s favorite pastime is lounging belly-up on the couch. He loves food and treats. One adorable thing he does is sit on his human's foot while waiting for his food to be ready and then he runs (or maybe flies?) to the feeding station.

Mini Flurry (white) is as sweet as sugar. Any sound you make, Mini Flurry takes it as her cue to jump onto your lap and snuggle. Her perfect day involves napping on the cat tree, chasing a wand toy and hanging out with her humans.

These two sweet kittens are loving, affectionate, and easy-going. They are ready to bring you a lot of cuddles and happiness into your life!

Watch Gyoza's rescue story here:

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