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Boris & Dmitri

Russian Blue | 11 Years 4 Months |

Hello! We are Boris and Dmitri—11-year-old spayed/neutered, declawed, and microchipped Russian Blue siblings. 

Boris (a female, despite her name) is short-haired and extremely sweet, affectionate, and outgoing. Dmitri is long-haired and shy but also extremely sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you. They are both in good health, though Boris sneezes frequently (she has rhinitis). They are both also potty-trained, though Boris insists on using a bathtub rather than a litter box for reasons known only to her. Their parents are moving overseas and are heartbroken at the prospect of leaving them behind, intent on finding them the best possible home, and willing to provide financial support for the right adoptive parent(s).

These two cats are bonded and must be adopted together -- applications for just one of them will not be processed.

Boris has been diagnosed with a heart murmur and would benefit from an echocardiogram.

Please note- this is a courtesy listing for a pet owner. 


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