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Domestic Short Hair | 2 Years 3 Months | Male

After surviving a raccoon attack, Johnny wants nothing more than to cuddle up with his new forever family and enjoy the love and safety of a forever home. With his occasional sniffles and sneezes, Johnny is very affectionate and loves to make biscuits in your lap and purr while you scratch his ears and forehead. He loves to sleep cuddled up next to his human, but doesn’t mind if you need some time alone either. He will sleep through the night and is respectful of his human’s need for sleep as well, making sure never to wake you to beg for his breakfast. Like most healthy young cats, Johnny gets the zoomies and loves to run through the home, jump around, and play with his human. His favorite toy is a catnip filled stuffed animal that he can kick around, though he is also content with a rope toy, scratch board, or even a soft pair of socks that you have lying around. Johnny is an excellent eater who would also appreciate accompanying you for your meals. In fact, Johnny is a social butterfly and top tier companion who would prefer to go wherever you are going and join whatever you may be doing at the time. This curious, silly, sweet cat is quick to open up and show you his goofy and endearing personality, and is so excited to join your family!


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