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Domestic Short Hair | 3 Years 2 Months | Female

Vavila is a gentle and endearing cat with an irresistible charm. She is known for her adorable habit of "making biscuits," kneading with her paws, which is delightful as long as her nails are kept trimmed. Her fur is incredibly soft and plush, making her the perfect cuddle companion.

Vavila tends to be shy around strangers and often hides until she feels safe. However, when she's around people she trusts, she becomes a relaxed and affectionate presence in the home. She enjoys lounging around during the day and will climb onto your lap or snuggle with you in bed, seeking attention in the sweetest manner.

She sometimes retreats under the bed for a nap but will usually respond to a gentle hand with a loving headbutt. Her delicate, high-pitched meow is used sparingly, making it all the more endearing when she does. She is extremely non-aggressive, even when scared. 

If you are looking for a sweet, loving cat with plush, soft fur who appreciates a calm and understanding environment, Vavila would make a wonderful addition to your home.

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.


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