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Din & Neyru

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Months 14 Days | Male

These sweet boys have very typical kitten-ish antics! They love to play, to eat, and to sleep. They are happy to snuggle with each other and also enjoy naptime on their own. They’re vocal when they’re wrestling, and when it’s time to eat, but otherwise they’re pretty quiet! Din has such sleek orangey/brownish fur and very pretty green-ish eyes, and Neyru is a classic tabby with socks and the cutest little multi-colored nose and beans. Neyru loves a cuddle and is quick to purr. Din is still a bit skittish and doesn’t love pets or cuddles (yet), but his love of Churu knows no bounds. 

Please note that they may not yet be spayed/neutered.


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