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Linus & Sally

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 2 Months |

Linus and Sally are the cutest siblings ever. They are 4 year old siblings, and have lived together their entire lives. They love spending time with their humans and snuggling up in the morning. Linus is mostly gray with white underneath. He is on the quieter and shy side, but once you win his trust, he will become your lap cat. He particularly loves to lay on your chest while you’re in bed reading your favorite book or follow you around until you sit down so he can join you. Sally is the silliest cat you will meet. She has beautiful white hair with a tabby back. She loves to say hello and is always the life of the party. She is great at trusting people right away and will go in for the cuddle. She does require more attention than Linus as she gets a little anxious, but she will become your best friend in no time. They must be adopted together as they are a bonded pair.

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