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Domestic Short Hair | 11 Years 11 Months | Male

Looking for the perfect family cat? Well look no further than Gunther! This go with the flow guy can curl up for some snuggles, provide endless entertainment with his playful antics or chill out solo and let you have your space -- he can really be it all!

Gunther loves a bedtime book -- if he gets to walk over the book to get some pets! (Err, “to help you find Waldo!”) When he's not rubbing on our legs or sitting close for some cuddles, Gunther can be found investigating your cupboard, getting a little playtime in or finding the warmest spot on the floor.

Found on the street in terrible condition, this love muffin has transformed into a soft, fluffy, happy healthy guy and we just love him to pieces! (And know you will too!).

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.

This cat is FIV+ and will live a normal healthy and long life when provided with quality care such as a balanced diet and yearly wellness exams (like any cat). As FIV+ is not transmittable between neutered/spayed cats under normal circumstances, we are happy for FIV+ cats to mingle with FIV- cats in their adoptive homes (but Gunther would prefer to be alone!). 

Gunther was rescued with dental issues and is in need of surgery. In lieu of an adoption fee, we would be thrilled for a potential adopter to provide a larger adoption donation and/or assistance crowdsourcing funds towards their necessary vet bills if possible.


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