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Deku & Rito

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Months 17 Days |

Meet Rito and Deku, an adorable brother and sister pair who will melt your heart!

Rito is the tiny calico girl with a big personality. She's feisty and full of energy, always ready to climb and explore. Don't be surprised if she occasionally needs a little rescue from her adventurous escapades!  She’ll delight you with her playful antics and daring leaps. Rito loves chin rubs and will immediately start purring when she rests her little head in your hand.

Deku is the little tuxedo boy who defines the term "cuddle bug.” Deku loves to curl up on your lap or even lie along your shoulders. His gentle head butts are his special way of showing affection and trust. His purrs are a soothing soundtrack to every moment spent with him.

Both kittens have a unique way of communicating with adorable little chirps, especially when they’re exploring or playing. They are big fans of feather wands, little mouse toys, and chasing ping pong balls, providing endless entertainment for themselves and their future family.

These precious kittens are currently curled up on their foster mom’s lap as she writes this description, with Deku purring contentedly and Rito playfully nibbling on Deku’s tail. They are ready to find their forever home where they can continue to grow, explore, and share their love.

Please note that they may not yet be spayed/neutered

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