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Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Male

Baikal, the cat who refused to sleep curled up. And with his magnificent length, he requires at least three feet of space to stretch to his fullest potential. He's also quite the nuzzler: put your hand out and he will walk right up to it and nuzzle it. Presented with a toy, Baikal will awkwardly and adorably play with it (he hasn't gained his hunting skills yet). And when done playing, he'll stretch himself out a couple of feet away from you (he really likes to stretch out along walls).

While he will almost immediately start nuzzling you, he'll need some time before he'll cuddle. He's a very calm kitty with the sweetest of slightly scratchy and chirpy meows and likes to spend his days stretched out and napping with the occasional play session. If Baikal's ever out of sight, put your hand out and he'll come right out to nuzzle it.

This cat would prefer to be adopted alone and be the only cat in the home.

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