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Hawaii 5-0

Domestic Short Hair | 4 Years 5 Months | Female

Hawaii 5-0 is a sweet 4 yr old that has finally embraced her best life as a spoiled housecat. When she was first adopted, it did take a bit of time for her to open up and feel comfortable, but when she’s adjusted – aka found her favorite hiding spots, found her best sleeping spaces, and gets her meals – she is such a happy cat. She sleeps, she eats, and she sleeps some more so she does prefer a quieter home. She takes time to warm up to people and isn't a lap cat, but after she adjusts to your family and the space, she'll feel safe enough to take her leisurely naps in front of and with you. She can be a bit of a "scaredy cat" so she'll require some patience during her adjustment period, but when she gets to that comfortable place, the happiness will exude from her. Happy to donate her favorite scratching posts, blankets/bed, and litter box with her to help ease her transition. 


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