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Sully's Pretty Friend

Siamese | 1 Year 1 Month | Male

Blu Sully’s Pretty Friend aka Mike Wazowski

We found Mike on the street crying for help and immediately recognized how affectionate and sweet this little dude is. He is full of energy and loves people! All he wants is to play with a wand toy, receive endless pets, and lots of treats. He even likes to be held and snuggle (until he gets bored and wants to play again) He is also doing well with our resident cat (Sully) and would likely do well with another young cat that is confident and playful (he can play a bit rough at times). Mike is a sweetheart and would love a dedicated parent that can redirect his bountiful energy and give him tons of attention as he grows. Although he can be shy at first, don't let him fool you he LOVES human affection and with just a month indoors he’s turning out to be a loving house cat. 

This cat needs to be adopted with a friend -- applications for them as a single cat will not be answered.


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