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Flotsam & Jetsom

Domestic Short Hair | 3 Months 0 Days | Female

Meet Flotsam and Jetsam! They are the sweetest, goofiest best-friend/brother-sister duo. Both of them want only a few, simple things: cuddles, play time, and food.

Flotsam (calico) is the typical big sister, and definitely the brains of the pair. She is the first into every space, making sure its safe before her sister follows. Between her round belly, upside-down naps, and rumbling purrs, she never fails to steal hearts.

Jetsam (tabby and white) warms up to every person very quickly, and as soon as Flotsam has proven a place is safe, it becomes Jetsam’s domain. She is a goofy, spunky little gal, and never fails to bring smiles to the room with her little squeaks. She’s always the instigator in play fights with Flotsam, and (despite her squeaks) she absolutely loves it. 

With one goofy little gal and one fancy little lady, these two are a dynamic duo that will make sure you’re never lacking joy!


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