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Brooke & Danube

Domestic Short Hair | | Female

These two lovely ladies, Brooke (tabico), 2 years old, and Danube (tabby & white), 8 months, are looking for their forever homes. Our hope is to get these two adopted as a pair. Brooke, the fawn-and-brown tabby with the spot of cream on her nose, is a former pageant queen who lost her crown and title due to misuse of nonprofit funds. She is oh so very sorry and promises never to use charity money to buy a lifetime supply of Greenies ever again. We’re inclined to forgive her — who could say no to those gorgeous green eyes? Brooke also brings added value to the table with her bug huntin’ skills and will keep your home free of pesky critters. Don’t let her trim figure fool you, this girl can eat! Her favorite dish is wet food with gravy and shreds. She loves to be pampered with pets and massages! To stay pageant ready, Brooke grooms herself often and asks that you give her brushies as much as possible. She likes to keep her nails in tip-top shape with her favorite cardboard scratcher, and in her down time, you can catch her watching birds out the window or playing with her favorite ball.

Danube (aka Nube) may be just a lil baby, but she’s the biggest goober in Brooklyn. Her dream is to be a state senator one day, and we think her outgoing personality makes her a great candidate. Nube will run up and greet you with head bonks and flops —this silly girl lives to make new friends. All it takes to win her over are some good vibes and a churu treat! Since Nubey is still a growing girl, she’s very food motivated and will really ham it up for some ham. Her mommy never taught her how to properly groom herself, so she will need some help brushing her pretty fur. While Nubey has youthful energy and loves to play, she’s just as content to curl up with you and chill out. She has pink toe beans and believes in free treats for all!

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