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Hippolyta & Penthesilia

Domestic Short Hair | 1 Year 1 Month | Female

Our Amazon box cats are officially available for adoption! Hippolyta and Penthesilia are two extremely cute calicos to die for. We call them Hippo and Penne.

In our opinion, these 2 can be adopted together or separately, as they are quite independent but have spent a lot of their lives together.

Hippo is adventurous and will thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of your space. Penne is a bit more reserved and will more carefully explore but will charge and come running once that food drops. 

They are both full of nervous energy that perfectly encapsulates young 1 year old energy. Because of that, they'll need some time to adjust but in the meantime…

They both love chin rubs and pets but will probably want to go zooming around after each one. They love food even more than pets.

Basically, they're younglings and super cute and want your love!

These cats would be happy to be adopted as a pair, but they can also be adopted separately. Both cats need to be adopted with a friend -- applications for them as single cats will not be answered.

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