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Tanti, Razer, & Snug

Domestic Short Hair | 2 Months 14 Days |

Tanti (brown tabby)

The adventurer! Tanti is a curious and brave explorer! He gets along great with his brother and sister and is also very happy to meet new friends-including our large dog and adult cats. He loves to investigate nooks and crannies and climb but he also loves to cuddle. His purr is loud and constant. He would make a incredible addition to any family!

Snug (white with tabby markings) 

A gentle and shy lady! Snug is the hesitant gal. She takes a bit more time to warm up and loves to cuddle with her brother Razer. Once she warms up she is a loyal cuddle bug. She has a strong and adorable purr and loves to curl up in your lap. She would be best to adopted out with her her brother Razer. They are a dynamic duo.

Razer (white with black triangle on nose)

The lover! Razer just wants to sit on your shoulder and purr and cuddle. He loves making biscuits and just wants to rub up against you all day. He is very chill and comfortable with cats and dogs. He likes to be a parrot  while you move around house and does not want to be put down. He is a dream boy and will make an amazing addition to any home! 

All 3 are big eaters and love wet food! 

Snug & Razer need to be adopted together, and Tanti must be adopted with an age-appropriate friend -- applications for these cats as single kittens will not be answered.
Please note that they may not yet be spayed/neutered. 

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