Domestic Short Hair (short coat)

Cutie is a beautiful torbie cat (a tabby with some extra tortoiseshell coloring) with extra thumbs! She loves to cuddle and be pet and will sit in your lap and snuggle. This sweetheart is timid, but once you’ve gained her trust, she will be a little motor boat of purring. Cutie has also been known to be a big fan of rolling over on her back to let you rub her belly, but only as long as she’s okay with -- we love a girl with clear boundaries! She is also a big fan of lounging on window sills when left alone. Cutie will need time and patience to acclimate to her new surroundings and definitely will be a fan of the smallest possible hiding spot she can fit in for a bit, but it’s just a matter of time before she relaxes into all the pets and head scritches you can give her. Cutie can get along with other cats with a proper introduction or she can be your only cat. Cutie has periodontal disease and needs dental work done. An enhanced adoption donation to assist in covering those costs would be greatly appreciated.