Domestic Short Hair

Jazz is feisty and fiery and oh-so-lovable. Rescued from the piano inside of an abandoned apartment, she lives up to the vivacious energy of some favorite jazz melodies. Jazz, true to her musical name, is insanely vocal. If she has a thought, she will express it. If she thinks you didn’t see and/or pay enough attention to her, she will emote with a series of chirps, meows, and tunes. She particularly seems to love a face-to-face conversation–if you are feeling ridiculous and willing to humor her–to show that she is being heard. Jazz is feisty, fiery, oh-so-lovable and is more particular with her displays of affection. Although she originally had to be handled with oven mitts, she regularly launches herself into laps with a desire to be close to the humans she loves, even if she does not always want you to pet her (of which she will give warning). Jazz has currently moved into one of the cagebanks at the cafe (by choice -- the door is open) as she likes to have her own space to have a break from the other cats. She is very playful so most likely would enjoy another cat friend.